Minoring in African American Studies

To receive a minor in African American Studies, students have to take a total of 8 courses inside of the Department. The 8 courses in the Department include 4 Core Courses and 4 Elective. To sign up for the minor in African American Studies, contact Professor Celeste Watkins-Hayes (c-watkins@northwestern.edu). The course requirements are as follows:

Core courses (choose any 4):

  • Af Am St 236: Introduction to African American Studies
  • Af Am St 210-0: Survey of African American Literature
  • Af Am St 211-0: Literatures of the Black World
  • Af Am St 212-1 or -2: Introduction to African American History 1 or 2
  • Af Am St 213-0: History of the Black World
  • Af Am St 214-0: Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies
  • Af Am St 215: Introduction to Black Social and Political Life
  • Af Am St 245: Black Diaspora and Transnationality

Elective Courses (4 required):

In addition to the Core Courses, 4 Elective Courses in the Department (that is, with Af Am St course numbers) are required, including at least 3 at the 300 level. This allows students to further specialize in one of the Department's strength, or to continue to broadly sample the range of scholarly production in the field. Any substitutions must be approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.