AFAM Graduate students Courtney Patterson and Ethan Caldwell

There are no upcoming events at this time.

2016-2017 Events




October 5 "Tea with the Chair Social" 5:30-7p Etown Bistro
October 7 "BAI Brown Bag Series: Rebecca Zorach" 12:30-1:30p AFAM Conference Room
October 9 "Black Arts in the City: The Colored Museum" 3p eta Theater
October 19 "CAAH Lecture: Andre Carrington" 12:30p AFAM Conference Room
November 16 "CAAH Lecture: Lewis Leon Banos 'Territorio, conflicto y paz: Una reflexión desde la población afrodescendiente en el Caribe Colombiano' This lecture will be in Spanish" 12:30p Buffet Institute Conference Room 1902 Sheridan
November 28 "BAI Lecture Series: Evie Shockley" 5p Harris 108
January 11 "CAAH Lecture: E Patrick Johnson" 12:30p AFAM Conference Room
February 1 "Tea with the Chair Social" 5:30-7p Found
February 3 "BAI Brown Bag Lunch Series: Miriam Petty" 12-1:30p AFAM Conference Room
February 6 "BAI Lecture Series: Marcus Gardley" 5p Kresge 1-515
February 16 "CAAH Lecture: David Blight" 4:30p Harris 108
February 17 "Black Arts in the City: A Wonder in my Soul" 7p Victory Gardens
February 22 "CAAH Lecture: Michelle McKinley" 12:30p 1902 Sheridan Rd
March 1 "Tea with the Chair Social" 5:00-7p Bangers & Lace
March 29 "CAAH Lecture: Celeste Watkins-Hayes" 12:30p Kresge 1-515
April 6 "Black Arts in the City: Beyond Caring" 7p Lookingglass Theater
April 12 "CAAH Lecture: Sherwin Bryant" 12:30p Kresge 1-515
April 14 "BAI Brown Bag Lunch Series: Huey Copeland" 12-1:30p AFAM Conference Room
April 19 "CAAH Lecture: Shaundra Myers" 12:30p Kresge 1-515
May 3 "Tea with the Chair Social" 5:30-7p Union
May 10 "CAAH Lecture: Rey Guerrero and Fred Opie" 12:30p Kresge 1-515
May 12-13 "Hinesight: A Symposium on the Work of Darlene Clark Hine"



Hotel Orrington
May 22 "BAI Lecture Series: Lisa Thompson" 5p TBD
May 24 "CAAH Lecture: Tamara Walker" 12:30p Kresge 1-515
May 31 "CAAH Lecture: Barnor Hesse" 12:30p Kresge 1-515
June 2-3 "Saidiya Hartman Symposium" TBD TBD