AFAM Graduate students Courtney Patterson and Ethan Caldwell

There are no upcoming events at this time.

2017-2018 Events




September 21 "Wallace Best Lecture"
4:30pm Kresge 1-515
October 4 "Tea with the Chair Social" 5:30pm Tera and Vine
October 9-14 "BAI International Conference" 12p Cahn Auditorium
October 12 "Fake News on Abortion:How the Antichoice Movement Makes Up Stuff and Gets You to Beleive It" 5p Kresge 1-515
October 16 "Allison Davis Lecture" 4:30pm McCormick Foundation Center
October 18 "When Black Lives Matter: Helping Women and Girls of Color to Thrive" 4pm Technological Institute, Room LR3
January 10 "Tea with the Chair Social" 5:30p Found
January 11 "Melanie Chambliss 4p Crowe 5-138
January 18 "Black Arts in the City: BLKS" 7:30pm Steppenwolf Theater
February 2 "BAI Brown Bag Lunch Series: Susan Manning" 12pm-1:30pm TBA
February 9 "CAAH Symposium: Black Student Movements" TBA TBA
February 26 "BAI Lecture Series: Jasmine Johnson" 5pm TBA
April 4 "Tea with the Chair Social" 5:30pm Union Pizzeria
April 12 "CCHS/AFAM: Claude Clegg" TBA TBA
April 15 "Black Arts in the City: Poor People's TV Room" 2pm Museum of Contemporary Art
May 2 "Leon Forrest Lecture: Angela Jackson" 5pm TBA
May 3-6 "Commemoration of Bursar's Take Over" TBA TBA
May 11 "BAI Brown Bag Lunch Series: Ramon Rivera Servera" 12pm-1:30pm TBA
May 14 "BAI Lecture Series: Marlo David" 5pm TBA
May 20 " Black Arts in the City: Smart People" 3pm Writer's Theater